Love Bytes: What He's Really Thinking About Before The Wedding

guys chatting before the wedding

Plus, how to have a summer fling.

While there would be no such thing as "marriage" if all guys really didn't want to get married, anecdotes, uncle humor and pop culture often bank on the idea that dudes are loath to give up their freedom and should be considered a flight risk the day before the nuptials. Poppycock! Here are 9 things real dudes are thinking about before the wedding. Don't break off the engagement quite yet... (MSN)

Dudettes, checking your guys' phones and emails is not smart. (The Frisky)

If men think about sex every 7 seconds, we can blame TV producers. (The Stir)

An EXCELLENT second use for a sex doll has been discovered in China. (Huffington Post)

Why gay people are swarming to Chick-fil-A today. Hey, it's a good cause (and a good excuse to snog). (The Daily Beast)

Ruh-roh. Her married ex is trying to wrangle her into an affair. (The Gloss)

What would you do if you thought your boyfriend's best bud was a real assbutt? (TresSugar)

Your chance for a summer fling is coming to a close. Here's how to enjoy one. (Glo)

Is it EVER OKAY for a dude to say something about his lady's weight? (Madame Noire)

Are women financially better off after a divorce? Yes… if your name is Heather Mills. (LearnVest)

And, what a lady should be (and is) looking for when she sees a guy's domicile for the first time. (Good Men Project)

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