Sex At The Olympics: 'Days Of Glory' & Endless Condoms

olympic condoms

When you think of the Olympics, the first thing that probably comes to mind are hardcore athletes who have trained their entire lives to get to where they are, right? You probably envision muscle, talent and an effort to excel that a lot of us just don't possess. Well in addition to all this, it's time to picture rabbits too, and not just cute, furry bunnies, but jackrabbits with a thirst for sex. Yes! Olympians get hella busy during the games every four years, so much so that they even get a condom sponsor and Olympic-brand rubbers (like how I threw that British term in? London Olympics? Get it, get it?) Wouldn't you know, they have run out of condoms at every Olympic Games so far.

During the 2000 games in Sydney, for example, 70,000 condoms were not enough to keep everyone, um, covered, so they shipped in more. But according to some sources, it's not just because of all the sex the athletes are having: There's a tradition to take tons of condoms home as souvenirs — hey, no shame in that, we would do it if we were them.

After the games come to an end (or your individual competition ends) and before all the Olympians head home, there are several days dubbed "Days of Glory." And it's exactly what it sounds like: debauchery. Athletes who stick around party, drink and screw, just like your high school quarterback did. When they've stayed up all night carousing, McDonald's is there at 4:30 a.m. to provide breakfast for the hedonists — at least according to an anonymous source talking to the New York Post. And anyone who has indulged in Mickey D's after a night of lapping tequila off of nubile naked bodies will tell you: It really does hit the spot. 

So if all this time you thought Olympians were a stately crew who didn't know how to party, you were wrong. They're just like us, but with a never-ending supply of condoms and chicken nuggets.

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