How To Get Sexy Legs Like The Stars

Feel better about your stems with these 6 easy beauty tips.

Written on Jul 23, 2012

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According to our Irresistible You survey, 23% of readers said their least favorite body part is their legs. For Alexis Wolfer, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, this stat is disheartening.

"It makes me sad in general to hear that the majority of women don't like anything about themselves, but I think that legs are such an easy part to take care of," she says. "There are lots of really quick, easy DIY tips and tricks that can make a lot of difference without much effort."


Here, Wolfer shares her best tips for sexin' up your stems so you can feel proud and confident when you step out of the house. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 weeks, there's at least one beauty fix below that you can use to feel better about your gams. "I Love My..." 12 Stars Reveal Their Favorite Body Parts

Instant Fix: Body Bronzer
It may sound odd, but Wolfer's first go-to for better legs is applying bronzer – yes, the same kind you use on your face. She suggests investing in a body or face bronzer, like Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting ($40, "Pick one in a little darker shade than you would use for your face and apply with a bronzer brush to your legs," Wolfer says. "It's temporary, quick, easy and it's going to wear well. The shimmer will help to conceal cellulite, veins and you'll look less pasty." 


"Plus, with a little bit of makeup artistry talent, you can contour your legs the same way you would contour your cheekbones," she adds. "Just put a little bit of a darker line down the sides of your thighs where your hamstring and quad meet, and the same down your calf. " Voila! Instantly toned stems.

Instant Fix: Nude High Heels
Take a cue from Jennifer Lopez and invest in a spectacular pair (or two!) of nude high heels that you can wear anywhere. Wolfer says that heels "are great because they elongate your legs." The same goes for nude shoes, but picking the right color is key. "When I say nude I mean they match your individual skin tone, they're not just beige, ivory or brown."

After slipping on your heels, make sure your dress or skirt is flattering as well. "Your hemline should hit the skinniest part of your leg," says Alexis. "If the thinnest part of your thigh is two inches above your knee, you should get your clothes hemmed to there – this area is going to draw the most attention."

Short-Term Fix: Self-Tanner
If you have a day or two before you need to show off your legs, you should consider delving into the world of self-tanning (hey, if Mark Wahlberg does it, you know it's going to look good!). Whether you opt for a spray tan in a salon or an at-home application, remember to exfoliate beforehand for the best results. "One of my favorite exfoliants is mixing sugar with some water or your regular body wash and scrubbing in the shower," Wolfer says. "Exfoliate first, shave (for someone who typically waxes, I'd recommend shaving also), and then apply self-tanner using gloves so that your palms don't get orange."


For dry areas that tend to absorb more self-tanner than desired (like your knees and ankles), Wolfer suggests mixing in body lotion to "dilute the color and give you a more even look." If that doesn't work and your tan develops darker in some areas, "Cut a lemon in half and rub it on the problem areas to help break up the color."

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Short-Term Fix: Coffee Grounds
We all have cellulite somewhere on our legs, even beauties like Scarlett Johansson and Lauren Conrad! To make it temporarily fade though, head to your coffee pot. "The keys to getting rid of cellulite are exfoliation and caffeine," Wolfer says. "Take some coffee grounds after you use them for your morning coffee (they don't even have to be fresh!) and mix them with some coconut oil, olive oil or whatever type of oil you have. Go in the shower—because you're going to get messy—and rub the mixture in circular motions anywhere you have cellulite."


If this messy routine isn't for you, there are products that contain caffeine like Bliss Fat Girl Slim ($32, Just don't forget the exfoliating part: "The exfoliation helps bring blood flow to the surface, and the caffeine helps dilute your blood vessels and temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite," Wolfer says. Angelina Jolie Vs. Jen Aniston: Who Do Men Find More Attractive?

Long-Term Fix: Squats & Lunges
Sorry, ladies! Making more permanent improvements to your legs is going to require the gym. But, as gym-obsessed stars like Kate Beckinsale and Heidi Klum prove, the benefits are well worth it. "Overall, squats and lunges are the best and most effective exercises, and they tackle all areas of your thighs and butt," Wolfer advises. "Any person can do these exercises, anywhere. I do lunges while I'm waiting for the elevator in my apartment building! Plus, they help reduce cellulite as well by building up your muscle mass."

Long-Term Fix: Drink Water
Finally, if you want smoother, softer, healthier legs, drink more water! You hear it all the time, but there's a reason why Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba are always spotted out with a big bottle of agua. "Drinking lots of water helps to flush out toxins and hydrate your skin from the inside, out," Wolfer says. "It makes all of the skin on your entire body look better, not just your legs!"


Tell us: what do you do to get sexy legs?