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Friday Love Trivia: 5 Facts You Didn't Know About Cheating

Friday Love Trivia YourTango

Friday I'm in love... Surely this song by The Cure is a cliche by now. But hey, there's truth to every tired cliche. Friday is the day our minds often turn to love, dating and love-making. That's why today we're presenting a new weekly installment: Friday Love Trivia. 

Have you seen our wondrous Love-o-Matic fact generator yet? Stocked with hundreds of interesting little trivia nuggets about love, marriage, dating and sex, it can provide hours of entertainment, or just a few minutes of escapism. And the awesome thing is, the facts are nerdily cited with sources because we're all sexy librarians here, not just sexy editors. Now you can't blame us for making them up!

Here's how the game works: Guess the answers in the comments. No peeking! Then see if you got the answer right by clicking on each "Love Fact." If you get them all right, you get our undying love. Sound good?

This Friday's love facts are about cheating, based on the YourTango Experts Infidelity Survey, released this week.

1. What is the number-one reason both men and women cheat? Love Fact

2. Pornography influences cheating: Would you say most experts agree? Love Fact

3. Celebrities cheat more than regular people: Would you say most experts agree? Love Fact

4. If you've cheated, you should tell your partner no matter what. Would most relationship experts recommend this move? Love Fact

5. "Once a cheater, always a cheater." Is this true according to the vast majority of relationship experts? Love Fact

Check out more love facts on Love-o-Matic.

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