Jon Gosselin Apologizes To Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin ... Finally

Jon Gosselin smiling

It was the divorce the entire world saw coming—Jon and Kate Gosselin of TLC's uber-popular reality show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

We watched the couple bicker as they raised their 8 children, made up of one set of twins and sextuplets. That many kids alone would cause any couple a ton of stress, but when your problems are also broadcast to the entire world on television, it seems to only compound how ugly a breakup can be. "Lonely" Kate Gosselin Can't Stop Crying Over Failed Marriage

But now, three years after their split, Jon Gosselin is saying he's sorry to his ex, according to People.

"I am sorry, because I did stuff I wouldn't want done to me," he says, likely in reference to all the women he dated post-divorce. 

But before all those women, there was his relationship with Kate. Looking back on it all now, he recognizes his role in their failed marriage, and acknowledges what he did wrong. "I was passive-aggressive. Then I'd get mad, but I was the one who wasn't communicating," he said. Jon and Kate File Divorce Papers

He says Kate and he get along just fine now. Instead of bickering, fighting and blowing up in front of their kids and on camera, the two are much more civilized towards one another.

"I'll call her up and say, 'Mady's sick. What do I do?' And she'll tell me," he says. "She's a great Mom. We just have different parenting styles." 

Jon is now dating single mom Liz Jannetta, 27, and is holding down a steady job rather than bouncing around aimlessly (which, we know, made for great tabloid fodder). So, would he ever go back to show business?

"I've been offered a lot of stuff," he says. "Crazy stuff. It wasn't the right fit, then or now. I don't want my kids thinking I take every show just to make a buck." 

In the meantime, he's working on his relationship, taking care of his kids and finally getting along with Kate. Jon And Kate Gosselin: Reunited?

Tell us: do you think Jon's apology is too little too late?

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