Jon and Kate File Divorce Papers

kate gosselin yelling

Jon & Kate Plus Eight stars legally file for divorce in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. is reporting that Jon and Kate Gosselin have officially filed for divorce

After months of speculation, the 10-year marriage of Jon & Kate Plus Eight's stars Kate and Jon Gosselin appears to be coming to an end, a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE.

Documents to initiate a legal split were filed at the Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown, Penn., Monday afternoon.

This development comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. In case you haven't had a chance to read a blog or pick up a magazine in the past 7 weeks, the Gosselin's marriage has been unraveling in the public eye since rumors of Jon's affair with a 23-year-old teacher. Since then, the couple have rarely been seen together, spending holidays, vacations, birthdays, and even their 10th wedding anniversary apart. They did find time to continue filming their hit reality show, visit divorce lawyers, and bemoan the constant media attention being paid to their family.

The only thing that we're left to wonder is why didn't the Gosselins wait until Tuesday to file the papers? There have been promos running on TLC for a week teasing audiences that the couple were planning a "major announcement".