4 Single-Gal Dating Tips From Bravo's 'Miss Advised'

4 Single-Gal Dating Tips From Bravo's 'Miss Advised'

Three modern-day Carrie Bradshaws navigate the dating waters of three big cities.

When I first saw the trailer for Bravo's new docu-series, Miss Advised, a reality show about three single love and dating experts, I wondered: How can these beautiful, successful women still be single? The ladies — relationship and social media guru Julia Allison, matchmaker Amy Laurent, and radio host and sex expert Emily Morse — are capable of sealing the deal for their own clients, but which of their own advice haven't they been taking? 

So what did I learn when I joined a conference call to chat with these heroines about their own lives? For one, they're just like us — vulnerable and hopelessly romantic, addicted to love and confused to the max when the heart says one thing and the head says another. As they search for love in three different cities, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, respectively, we'll watch them on Bravo (the first one premiered this Monday).

Below are 5 nuggets of wisdom the love gurus from Miss Advised want you to remember:

1. Dating Mistakes

Julia Allison: "I make this mistake, or I used to — expecting a perfect fit right away! We live in a culture of instant gratification without realizing that it's completely unrealistic to expect this person to love everything about you. I always thought I was charmingly asking questions, but instead I realized I was interrogating [my dates] and giving them the Spanish Inquisition. My advice? Grow together as a couple. Don't set unrealistic expectations for them." 

2. How To Get A Date

Julia Allison: "Honestly, I get dates by being myself. It seems that women don't realize that guys are rejected everywhere they go. All you have to do is appear warm, look them in the eyes, smile and sparkle a little bit. You can find them anywhere if you open up to it."

3. Analyzing The Past

Emily Morse: "Coming from a family of divorce, I always wanted to know the secret to making a relationship work. In turn, I realized that if you don't love yourself, there's no one else on the planet that's going to love you. Confidence is the sexiest trait out there, and it's what attracts people." 

4. Helping Others Look For Love

Amy Laurent: "[By helping other people with their love lives] you trust yourself to learn how to be more open. It was such a scary thing for me, and it's easy to hide behind your work. Now I can place myself on the other side of the chair and help people look for love."

Julia Allison: "This show was a teachable moment for me. I think I had to see it through other people's eyes to see the mistakes I was making. ... Carrie Bradshaw never talked about the impact of making dating your career, and trust me, it can totally mess up your personal life."

Miss Advised premiered on Monday, June 18 at 10 p.m. EST. Did you tune in, or plan to tune in next week? Let us know in the comments below! 

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