Do Men Really Cheat As Often As We Think They Do?

Not every man is a cheater, but here's why some of them do it.

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We hear about celebrities cheating on each other almost every week.

Some Hollywood celebrity or Washington politician has cheated on his poor, unsuspecting wife in every other news story!

Sometimes as many as 14 accusers come forward alleging affairs with famous men, as was the case with golf great Tiger Woods.

But is infidelity really as rampant as the media makes it seem, or is it just a ploy to sell tabloid magazines? 


And is the media representation of how common infidelity is (and why men cheat) causing women to be much more suspicious than we really need to be?

In this video, bestselling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and YourTango Expert Dr. John Gray addresses this very question and offers a couple of explanations to why they cheat.

Check out the video above for more, but here are the two basic reasons why men cheat (that you probably didn't think of).

1. The relationship was over anyway

You might be looking at it as "How dare he cheat on her and ruin their relationship". 

But the reality is, usually they don't even consider it cheating because their relationship — and marriage — was already over.


It might seem strange to you that they slept with someone else before they officially ended their marriage but not to them. And that's really all that matters.

2. They got married young.

The sad reality is that when a man gets married young, he feels like he's missed out on the important experience of "sowing his oats".

He hasn't learned the benefits of monogamy or how an affair will ruin his marriage — he learns that from experience.

Bottom line, don't believe everything you read.

While cheating DOES exist in the world of glamor and fame, it isn't nearly as rampant as the tabloids make it seem.

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