Is The Era Of The Cougar Over?


I've never cared for the term "cougar." No pun intended, but it just seems too "catty" a word for the type of woman it defines. At one point, cougars, or more accurately, older women, were revered for their sexuality. The saying "a woman is like a fine wine" and that Cougar Town show have seeped into our culture. But a new survey throws all that out the window, and cougars everywhere should obviously start considering closing up shop, because we've all been living a lie.

Conducted by British sex-toy company Lovehoney, the survey found that despite what we've been told all our lives, men do not hit their sexual peak at 18, nor do women hit theirs in their 30s. Lovehoney's discovery puts men's peak at 33, and women's at 28, with men being "most sexually active" at 29, and women at 25 years of age. So I guess it takes both genders a few years to get into their sexual "groove" — it takes men a bit longer, of course, since they seem to take longer at everything.

If the study is to be believed, what becomes of the "cougar" fad that briefly swept the nation and is now nearing extinction? Will these older women (gasp!) be forced to have sex with men their own age, since our sexual peaks are quite close and the gap isn't what we once thought?

Sex studies and surveys are always an interesting lot. Surveys usually end up with people not telling the truth, and studies are focused on a small sample group of people, with a pre-decided idea of how things will unravel. When you have sex-toy companies pulling the strings and not the medical community, you can't take things too seriously. So, cougars: Don't close up shop. Just get more fluorescent bulbs and put up a new "open for business" sign. Besides, age is just a number and when it comes to sex, numbers mean diddly squat.


What do you think about this study? When did you hit your sexual peak?

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