Will Smith: "I'm Building The Family I've Always Dreamed Of"

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The "Men in Black 3" star on his famous family, kissing Tommy Lee Jones & how he raises his kids.

Will Smith enters a room like a tornado. Ask him how he's doing and he smiles before saying, "I feel so good it's a damn shame."

His attitude makes your day better. His smile makes you smile. That's the power of Will Smith.

He's back in a big way with Men in Black 3, and is also watching his family rise to stardom. At 43, the superstar who holds court at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills says that there are younger stars nipping at his designer shoes.

In person, he looks sleek in black pants, a beige shirt and with a friendly smile on his face. "At the dinner table, Jaden has this predatory look in his eyes," Smith says with a laugh. "He is so coming for me at the box office. I said, 'Son, I will teach you everything I know. And if you work hard, you can become the second biggest movie star of all time.'" 

He laughs harder when telling me how the other day, no one cared about his star power. "These teenagers walk up and say, 'Hey, aren't you the Karate Kid's father?' It happens all the time now. I'll be out and someone will run up and say, 'Tell Willow I love her video for 'Whip My Hair,'" Smith says, shaking his head.

His entire family is in the business now including son Jaden, 13, who starred in the reboot of The Karate Kid, and is filming the new M. Night Shyamalan film After Earth with his father. Then, there's young Willow Smith, 11, whose song and video for "Whip My Hair" was an Internet sensation. The Sexiest Looks From The 2012 Billboard Music Awards

Will is happily married to Jada Pinkett Smith, 40, and sat down to talk movies, family and his dream life with us:

Does it feel great to be back with another Men in Black film? What was the appeal of the film for you?
I'd like to make movies that have some message or make some statement. With Men in Black 3, we connect to the destructive nature of secrets and how a relationship can get repaired through the destruction of secrets.

Tommy Lee Jones is a tough guy in real life. How do you break the ice?
I just kiss him. Tongue kiss. Just joking ... Tommy Lee is actually hilarious in his own right. But if you look at the body of his work he's most like his character in The Fugitive. That's how he talks and jokes. That's his type of energy. When you hit him with a really big joke, Tommy Lee will look at you with his serious face and go, "Huh." You know, that's a really big score. A-List Links: Will Smith Slaps A Male Reporter For Kissing Him

Tell us about your life at home. How do you make it work?
It's all about love and communication. It's wonderful to be with the people you love.

Now, you have a family business together.
I'm producing my kids' projects and my wife's TV show. I'm actually loving that side of the business. I fell into it and I've found that the thing most natural to me is actually producing and editing. Suddenly, I realized that it has been three years that I've been off-camera. I knew it was time to get back to work. Read on...

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