4 Strangest Celebrity Family Relationships Ever

Mackenzie Phillips brought free family love into the spotlight. Here are others who made us cringe.


From famous scientist Albert Einstein to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, here are some celebrities whose relationships with family members are just borderline... creepy. 

Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven kissed passionately in 2000 on TV with many fellow celebrities looking on (and the siblings resembling a unpolished, Goth-obsessed pre-Twilight pair). That evening Jolie had claimed that she was "so in love with my brother right now" and rumors that the two practiced incest ensued. However they both insisted they were just a close brother and sister who relied on each other for support when their parents divorced. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is said to be named after uncle James Haven, whose parents had once intended to call him by the same name. 


Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn got together sometime around 1992 surrounding the breakup of a 12-year relationship between Allen and Soon-Yi's adopted mom Mia Farrow. Essentially Allen had been a stepfather to Soon-Yi, and in 1997 they married after Allen was quoted saying, "The heart wants what it wants." Allen and Soon-Yi now have two children together. Allen's biological son has said that Allen is both his father and his brother-in-law, and that "I cannot have a relationship with my father and be morally consistent."

Morgan Freeman and his step-granddaughter had an alleged 10-year affair, according to rumors that came out in the summer of 2009. In 2007 Freeman, now 72, and second wife Myrna Collie-Lee split up, and the two reportedly raised E'Dena Hines together. Hines was 27 when the alleged affair hit the press last summer, meaning that if the relationship had in fact occurred, she wouldn't have been legal when it started. Rumors that the two planned to wed have never been confirmed.


Mackenzie Phillips and dad John Phillips also shared a decade-long sexual relationship that came out this week in Mackenzie's explosive new autobiography High On Arrival. Mackenzie reported getting drunk and high with her dad for years and waking up while on tour with him with her pants around her ankles, which was just one instance of a long consensual affair. Sisters Chynna and Bijou Phillips have corroborated Mackenzie's incest, which ended after an abortion when she didn't know if the baby's father was her boyfriend or her dad. Mackenzie forgave John Phillips five years ago on his death bed.

Photo: WeHeartIt