Hello, Memorial Day: Vacation Sex Is The Best Sex, Says America

Just in time for Memorial Day, dating site Zoosk conducted a vacation survey.

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Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, ladies and gentlemen — 'tis the season to wear white jeans, indulge in a back yard barbeque and, of course, go on vacation.

Speaking of vacation, traveling can be quite the romantic experience. Sure, there is likely plenty of nagging, awkward sunburns and uncomfortable TSA frisking associated with getaways, but there's lots of sex involved, too, say the survey aficionados at Zoosk. They picked the brains of 1,500 Americans for their thoughts on travel, romance and — of course — sex.


Zoosk found that 69 percent of men and 72 percent of women think having sex while on vacation is better than doing it at home. Is sun and sand the reason we're so turned on while at the beach? Or, perhaps, the musty smell of a muggy hotel room in the Caribbean? Sadly, those questions aren't answered, but there's plenty to learn about the best — and worst — of couples vacations.

Getting there. As relaxing as lying on a beach with a cocktail in hand sounds, the preparation for vacation can cause copious amounts of stress, especially for couples. One-third of Americans worry that they'll be selected for an additional pat down (or worse) by the TSA before takeoff.


Where to go. The beach was the most popular destination for a romantic getaway, with 22 percent of the vote. A romantic city (Paris comes to mind) came in second with 19 percent, with cruises and "exotic, far-flung locales" tied at third with 15 percent each. Other romantic destinations included bed and breakfasts and camping, but we're having trouble associating the "best sex ever" with mosquito bites getting in the way.

What to avoid. Couples get anxiety over the darndest things. Thirty-eight percent are concerned that they will get on each other's nerves, while 15 percent worry about running out of things to talk about while on vacation. Meanwhile, an additional 15 percent have some real legitimate concerns — the bathroom. Seriously, for new couples, having to share a bathrom (likely in a small and poorly-ventilated hotel room) can be quite an issue. We'll leave it at that.

For the single ladies. All this talk about couples might have some stressing, but don't worry — 14 percent of singles have met a romantic interest while traveling. So hit the road — you may just meet someone interesting.

What's the biggest turn-on of vacation sex?


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