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Angry Single Blogger: How To Smash Your Ex's Stuff, Guilt-Free

woman smashing guitar

It's embarrassing how many phones I've gone through because I threw them in a fit of rage over a certain guy. It's also nothing to brag about that I've gone through most of my glasses because I've smashed them to bits in anger over the same guy, then, because that wasn't enough, I jumped on his guitar in my favorite heels and destroyed it. To quote Fight Club, "I felt like destroying something beautiful." He destroyed my heart, and since he doesn't have a heart, the next best thing was his guitar. As for the glasses, which were mine, I love the sound of breaking glass; and I love it even more when that breaking glass explodes upon contact with a wall, then drops to the floor, only to shatter a bit more.

I'm not a violent person. Dramatic, yes; but violent, no. However, this particular person brought out the devil in me, and in doing so I acted like a nutjob and took out my heartache on anything that I could break. I'm also not alone in this desire to break things to quell the pain inside. 

Donna Alexander of Dallas, TX has created the Anger Room for just this reason. Donning a safety suit and goggles, people can pay to go into the Anger Room and just rip the hell out of it, smashing everything in sight. The room is filled with random things for the destroying and it's your job to just break, break, break! I feel cathartic just thinking about it. 

There are three levels of destruction from which to choose: 5 minutes ("I Need A Break") costs $25, 15 minutes ("Last Out") goes for $45, and if you really feel like you need to smash sh*t up, you can go for 25 minutes ("Total Demolition") and pay $75. Personally, I'm not sure I'd drop $75 on something I can do on my own, but for those who don't want to ruin their own things or other people's, it makes sense. Perhaps if there was an Anger Room here in New York City, I wouldn't be in debt to Verizon for so many phones, I'd still have all my champagne glasses and there wouldn't be a gaping hole in a wall in my bedroom. Perhaps. Sometimes you just have to scream at the top of your lungs and demolish everything in your path if you're going to emotionally survive and move on with your life — and it does feel really good, too. 

Have you ever destroyed anything out of love/hate for a man? Would you visit The Anger Room?

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