Will Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Views Sway Gay Republicans?

Will Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Views Sway Gay Republicans?
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Gay Republicans sound in on the President's recent support of same-sex marriage.

When President Obama publicly announced his support of gay marriage on May 9, homosexuals and same-sex marriage supporters nationwide rejoiced.

While some—gay and straight alike—have questioned what kind of change the President's announcement would actually effect (at least in the short term), there seemed to be little question: Obama has the gay vote locked down.

This may be true. Though, of course, not all gays care about gay marriage, nor will all gays be voting Democrat come November.

Yes, gay Republicans do exist. Even in the blue states. Some of them are as "out" about their sexuality, as they are their politics, despite the fact that conservatives generally have not supported—and have even crusaded against—gay rights. How do you support a party that doesn't support you back? Isn't that kind of like being a pacifist who belongs to the NRA? 

Karl, 31, from Baltimore, MD, chooses the party that best fits his beliefs. But it's not a perfect match. Though he believes in marriage equality and leans to the left on a few other issues, Karl's a strong believer in smaller government, self responsibility, national security and capitalism.

"I don't consider 'gay Republican' to be a contradiction in terms," he says. "While being gay is an important part of who I am, it's not what defines me. I'd love my party to recognize my relationship, but I know that the current laws of the U.S. allow me to live with my partner without fear of jail or persecution."

Karl believes that marriage builds a stable society and is the foundation of those family values conservatives are always talking about. Everyone stands to gain when two committed partners marry, whatever their sexual orientation.

"Honestly, the lawmakers can call 'gay marriage' whatever they want, as long as the rights and privileges associated with 'straight marriage' are granted," he says. "To me, the religious concerns of marriage are small, because we live in a mostly secular nation."

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