Caution: This Interview Will Make You Want To Date Jerry Ferrara

The single "Battleship" actor talks chivalry, dating in LA and how he wants to court the right gal.

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Jerry Ferrara—aka Turtle from Entourage—knows how to think like a man whose mind is on the current dating scene in Los Angeles. Thinking like a woman from that high profile area of the world is another matter.

The star of Think Like a Man and Battleship (in theaters today) says that he's dating, but remains a bit confused. The problem is, his manners are old school in a new age of dating that doesn't support all that door opening and chair pulling, not to mention check paying.


"I've discovered that chivalry isn't dead, but it is on life support," the 32-year-old says. "It's a little bit of the woman's fault because they don't want men to do stuff for them."

"The other night on a date, I held a door open for a woman and she looked at me like I had four heads," he cries. "I was like, 'What? Men don't open doors?' I'm even a little scared to send flowers."

We asked Jerry for his love and relationship advice and then inquired about the upcoming Entourage film. Check out what Jerry told us below:

You are such a great guy. Are you the type who does flowers on a date? We're guessing that's a big yes.
I've found that flowers are so yesterday. You have to be more creative than flowers to date today. You have to think up something involving Twitter. A sweet Tweet – it's the new flowers. 11 Love Lessons From Entourage


What don't you get about women and dating?
Obviously, today's woman is evolving. It's a little bit of the woman's fault because there are so many mixed messages. You want to be this great guy, but women don't want men to do stuff for them. It has to be on their own terms. I think that's a negative for men and women. Men don't have to court a woman as much, which sounds great to many single guys, but I like the courting part. Please let us hold open that door for you and don't look at me like I just did something horribly wrong. I'm just trying to be considerate.

What is your favorite type of date?
I like when a woman appreciates that old school sort of romance. I want to take her to a nice restaurant and bring the flowers and do romantic things.

What is it that women don't get about guys?
I think women believe that men hate nagging. But, I'm sticking up for women here when I say that more often than not, the guy has totally forgotten something and you might have to remind him.

When should a woman bring up a tougher subject with her guy?
I'd say you have to be strategic. Don't ask while he's watching sports. You might just get "yessed" to death. Of course, you could always ask for big things. Like, during a Bears game go in there and say, "Honey, I'm buying a new car." He might say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." It's perfect. "Cool. He said yes!" You had the conversation – although later he won't remember that you did!


More juicy content from YourTango:

What has life been like for you career-wise after Entourage?
It's been really good with big movies like Battleship and Think Like a Man. I'm auditioning for a lot of things. I still jump through some hoops and wait to see if I got my next job. I just want challenging roles.

What's going on with the new Entourage film? Is it happening?
It's being worked on as we speak. Doug Ellin is working on a script right now. Once it's done, it will move pretty fast. I must be asked 10,000 a day about the Entourage film, which I love. It shows me that people really do miss the show and the guys.

Do you miss the series?
I really miss it. This is the first year we're not shooting right now for a new summer season. I keep walking around thinking, "I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah, Turtle!" I do talk to the other guys all the time. Those guys are my family. We talk and text almost every day. Sound Off: Which Entourage Character Would You Sleep With?


Will Turtle ever get a love interest that sticks around and doesn't jump to the dump?
Turtle needs a solid relationship. He's had a few girlfriends over the course of the episodes. He has yet to be successful at a relationship. Maybe it's time for a little success. He didn't even get a girlfriend until season six, so Turtle should get some real love now. He waited long enough. He's a sweet guy. Let's give Turtle some affection!

Tell us: Do you agree with Jerry that chivalry is on life support? Are you going to go see Battleship?