Angry Single Blogger: Guess What, Homophobes? You're Probably Gay

It's not a secret that if someone outwardly and obsessively hates something it's likely because of one of two reasons. They're either jealous and their jealousy fuels their hatred, or they recognize something they hate about themselves in the thing on which their disdain is focused.

Remember when former Republican senator Larry Craig, who was always so anti-gay rights, got caught "tapping" his foot in a men's bathroom, looking for some man-on-man love? Hypocrite! Even more well-known is Ted Haggard, the crazy gay-hating evangelical Christian who, despite his sermons that condemned homosexuality, was getting busy with a male escort and doing crystal meth to boot. It wouldn't be until 2011, five years after that scandal broke, that Haggard admitted to being "bisexual." Can we be remotely surprised at either of these? It seems like simple logic to me.

Now a recent study has confirmed what many of us already assumed. All that homophobia is just proof that you're repressing some same-sex attraction of your own. That's right, haters, you are more likely to be gay than those of us are of the "live and let live" mentality. Honestly, this can't possibly shock you. All the wasted energy on such vile hatred has to stem from somewhere, and usually it's an inner conflict, especially for those who are raised in religious families and communities.

This study, which will hopefully rip certain right-wingers a new something-or-other, was published in April's Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Thanks to research that was conducted in the U.S. and Germany, scientists found evidence that supports the "psychoanalytic theory that fear, anxiety, and aversion that toward gays and lesbians can grow out of a seemingly heterosexual individual's own repressed same-sex desires." Co-author Richard Ryan, who is a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, also said that although we can laugh at this "blatant hypocrisy" on the part of these haters, the fact is that "homophobia is not a laughing matter." He's very right.

The study also confirms that children who are raised in a home where they're accepted unconditionally, as opposed to those who are forced to conform, grow up not only more accepting of themselves, but more accepting of the differences in others no matter what their sexual orientation. Again, not exactly news, because we all know that if you raise your kids to hate, then they will more than likely hate. However, it's a heartening confirmation. 

Well, it's always nice to be right. I hope this study changes at least some bigots' minds. Now go forth and allow others to love (and marry) whoever they want.

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