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Do Prince William & Kate Middleton Have A Boring Married Life?

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They're the most buzzed about couple in England, but is Prince William and Duchess Catherine's marriage putting them to sleep?

It could be, according to the UK's Daily Mail. You'd think with their busy schedules filled with charity events and the Prince completing his search-and-rescue shifts that the royal couple would want to let loose as soon as they had some free time. But, that's not the case. Hot Date Idea From Prince William & Kate: Volunteer!

Will and Kate would much rather spend unplanned nights at their home in Anglesey watching movies and making dinner. In fact, they just turned down an invite from Holly Branson (Richard Branson's daughter) to a star-studded party at her family's place in Switzerland!

Instead, the couple went on vacation to the French Alps... to go skiing... with Kate's whole family. (It's their second family vacation this year.)

What happened to soaking in life as young, beautiful and privileged 29 and 30-year-olds? Dashing Kate Middleton Makes 3 Soldiers Faint!

Apparently, Prince William and Kate's ho-hum lifestyle has party boy Prince Harry annoyed. Daily Mail's source claims: "He was joking that William has become rather boring and has stopped going out since he got married. William doesn't really go out any more, and Kate never did. They are both just happy at home eating home-cooked suppers, curled up on the sofa watching movies." 

Who knows? Perhaps royal life is more exhausting than it looks, and the Princess doesn't mind being holed up with her Prince!

Tell us: what do you do to keep married life exciting?

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