Dashing Kate Middleton Makes 3 Soldiers Faint!

Dashing Kate Middleton Makes Three Soldiers Faint!

Prince William isn't the only one overwhelmingly enamored with gorgeous Kate.

We're just a little obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge. It's been almost a year since Royal Wedding Fever spread like crazy across the world, but in that time our fascination with Kate Middleton hasn't waned. Whether it's her fashion sense, down-to-earth vibe, or support of great charitable causes, there's always something about her we can't help but love.

Turns out, even the toughest of men are totally smitten with her too, reports CelebDirtyLaundry.

On Saturday, Kate attended the Irish Guards parade in Aldershot, Hampshire for St. Patrick's Day. She caused such a stir that three soldiers flat-out fainted! Yes, grown military men passed out cold on the ground at the sight of the stunning royal.   Hot Date Idea From Prince William & Kate: Volunteer!

Since her hubby Prince William is in the Falkland Islands working as a search-and-rescue pilot right now, Kate had to attend the event alone. Even though it was her first solo military event, she pulled it off fabulously, of course!

Drill Sergeant Glenn Stevenson told the Sun (via CelebDirtyLaundry), "She couldn't have done anything better."

So what's with those fainting soldiers? 5 Names We Hope Prince William & Kate Choose For The Future Queen

Perhaps it was their proximity to Kate, who pinned three-leaf clovers on 40 of the soldiers? Or maybe her perfume was too intoxicating for the young blokes? Whatever caused their fainting spells, we're willing to bet it was ultimately a case of being starstruck by such a gorgeous, smart, and well-known woman.

And we're totally impressed that she's got the power to make grown men swoon!

Why do you think soldiers fainted in Duchess Catherine's presence?

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