Spring Fever: 3 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

A recent survey says singles date more in the spring. So get out there and have some fun!


With the scent of spring in the air, single people everywhere are starting to feel a familiar itch. No, it's not allergies — it's the itch of longing for a relationship... or at least someone to go on a hot date with.

Spring is a great time to begin a new relationship. Sparkology, an online dating site for young professionals, recently polled its members and found that 81 percent date more often in the spring. This makes sense. Sure, the chill of winter may have everyone longing for a cuddle buddy, but warmer weather calls for more adventurous dates than your "dinner and a movie" (or dinner and Netflix) standby. 10 Best Spring Date Ideas


So, what should you do to celebrate the season of sunshine and hooking up? Find a date and celebrate, obviously. If you're running short on ideas, here are a few springtime staples to jumpstart your love life.

Eat outdoors. 'Tis the season for picnics in the park, outdoor seating at quaint cafes and plenty of ice cream, so spread out a blanket and soak up that sunshine with your lover in tow.

Have an adventure. "Climb every mountain, search high and low…" for a hiking trail this spring. A good friend once told me that men are more talkative when they're being active, so blazing a course up a mountain (or a glorified hill if you're a beginner) is a perfect warm-weather dating experience. If the thought of elevation makes you queasy, try for a scenic trail through a local park instead. Finding Romance in the Great Outdoors


Pretend you're in high school. Oh, the adolescent days of mini golfing and Go Kart rides — that's the stuff sappy romantic comedies about warm-weather romance are made of, folks. Who said you're too old to have a cliché date night complete with a friendly game of putt-putt? Another idea: Venture to the local theme park and conquer a roller coaster. 

What's your ideal spring date?

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