Is This Woman "Too Hot" To Be A Preschool Teacher?

michela roth
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Keep in mind this happened in Italy, a country which in 1987 elected a porn star to its parliament.

Parents in Bologna, Italy have withdrawn their children from the Castello di Serravalle nursery school after learning that the school's teacher, Michela Roth, posed in minimal attire for, among other things, a Harley Davidson calendar. I say "parents," by which I mean mothers, since I doubt there were many Italian fathers itching to yank their kids out of school over a silly little thing like what Ms. Roth does in her spare time.

Roth herself told the Daily Mail, "I think there is a little bit of envy going on here and it has gone over the top ... "

But according to one mother, "She is too attractive and I don't want her teaching my son."

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Written by Tony Phillips for Huffington Post Weird News.

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