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Bethenny Frankel On Marriage, Yoga & Flashing Her Underwear

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Bethenny Frankel On Marriage, Yoga & Flashing Her Underwear

Bethenny Frankel bends to keep her marriage hot and spicy. And by bend, we mean strikes a yoga pose with her husband, Jason Hoppy. 

The 41-year-old reality star and mom to daughter Bryn, 22 months, is always, well, frank about her relationship struggles on her show, Bethenny Ever AfterBethenny Frankel: No Time For Sex In Her Busy Marriage

On Friday, she was equally as candid when she invited us for a "healthy morning" of Vinyasa yoga at YogaWorks SoHo to introduce her new 200-calorie Skinnygirl Daily On-The-Go Bars (a part of her Skinnygirl Daily line of products). 

After joining her in 45 minutes of downward dog and half moon poses, Frankel admitted these same poses help her stay in shape and grow closer to Jason, 39, her husband of two years (their anniversary is on March 28).

"At 8 o'clock at night Jason and I will put the baby down and do yoga in the living room," she says. "What do I always say? 'A family that Namastes together, stays together.' We always feel happy afterwards, which is nice. If I asked (Jason), he'd do it every night. I'm the one who would rather not do anything – I just want to stare at the wall or watch Snooki take her panties off." (Ah, classic Bethenny!)

As for the kind of yoga Frankel prefers, the incredibly in-shape star says she'll pop in a DVD (not necessarily the two she created), but stays away from long classes and trendy Bikram yoga.

"I used to do hot yoga but there are too many cult members in there. They're like, 'Oh my God, I just did it four times today!' They get obsessed, and I don't love anything that's culty or obsessive like that, it gives me anxiety... But I do like that it keeps you still – it makes you hold your breath for awhile so you know when you're in a stressful situation and how to stay calm." 10 Sexy Celeb Beach Bodies: Spring Workout Motivation!

A busy mom herself, Frankel relies on this calming affect and suggests others try Namaste-ing for this reason. "Moms are always worried about losing the baby weight or eating junk with the kids and yoga makes you make better food choices. It calms down what I like to call 'food noise,' and it calms your mind."

We wonder if it calmed her down after she flashed the whole world on Anderson Cooper's show this Monday! The video has since gone viral, but Frankel could only laugh about it with us before the episode aired.

"I just cannot believe I bought new underwear, I'm so happy," she says of the pink underwear she accidentally flashed while doing push-ups with Cooper. "When I tell you that they matched my shoes – I mean, it almost looks like I planned it because they match them perfectly. My friends were crying, like tears... they were all screaming in slow motion, 'Noooo!'"

Well, at least she flashed a tight, toned bum thanks to all that couples' yoga time!

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