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Sorry, Mitt Romney, You Can't "Get Rid" Of Planned Parenthood

Mitt Romney

Listen, I'm the first girl to admit I think Mitt Romney is a looker. So I'll also be the first one to say he's a real [insert expletive] jerk. As the race to the White House gets more and more intense, Romney, who at one time supported Planned Parenthood, as did his wife, who donated a lovely sum to the organization, is now singing a different tune. What can you expect from a flip-flopper?

Earlier this week Romney, when asked by a St. Louis reporter about his plans for Planned Parenthood should he be elected president, stated that he would "get rid of that." Yeah, super smart move to "get rid" of an organization that provides education, birth control and counseling to millions of women and is the reason behind so many women avoiding STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Well, what can you do when you're losing to the likes of Santorum? The same Santorum who wants to regulate our sex lives by proposing that states should be allowed to ban contraception because it's "a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be." So having safe, responsible sex and enjoying the pleasure of intimacy and climaxing is not the way "things are supposed to be?" I guess this means Santorum has only had sex eight times in his life. That is just tragic — eight times is a normal Saturday night for me. Ha! I kid! Or maybe I don't. Why Do Ladies Love Mitt Romney?

Although Romney may want to "get rid of" Planned Parenthood, he simply can't, as it's not a governmental organization. However, he can and would do his darnedest to eliminate federal funding to the organization. Such a decision would be a disgrace and an insult to women everywhere, as well as once again prove how backward America is on abortion and reproductive rights. We are so behind Europe it's exhausting and maddening. Love, in all its forms, should be celebrated; not punished or shamed (which is the same reason gay marriage should be legal).

At the rate these two twits — Santorum and Romney — are trying to mess up this country even more than it's already messed up, if either one of them gets into the White House, us thinking people are going to have to jump ship. I don't know where we're all going to go, but there's a good chance a bunch of us will flee the country in 2013. Oh, and one last thing, Mitt, I no longer have a crush on you: Ignorance is an ugly trait, so you're ugly.

What do you think about Mitt Romney's Planned Parenthood comments?

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