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When Should I "Break Up" With A Bad Friend?

Although you and your BFF have been friends for what seems like forever, you can't help but notice that she's been bringing you down lately. She's unsupportive of you and your life choices, unnecessarily mean or hurtful, and is no longer giving you the kind of friendship that you want. So, how do you "break up" with her? 12 Types Of Friends You Should Break Up With Immediately

In this video, Author, Life Coach & YourTango Expert Amy Spencer helps a reader whose best friend is always angry and critical of her. Their friendship has been negatively affecting her life and she's wondering if it's time to go their separate ways. Amy says that there are definitely cases, such as this, where the friendship should be ended if the person is making you feel less than or not as great as you should be feeling.

However, before cutting ties for good, Amy suggests trying one last effort that she refers to as "Looking in your picnic basket." Find out what she means by watching the video above.