Leap Year: Would You Propose To A Guy?

woman proposing leap year

An ancient Irish tradition says that if you propose to your guy on Feb. 29, or during a Leap Year, he has to say yes. (Interesting... Does he have to be your boyfriend? Because if not, hey YourTango Celebrity Editor Faye Brennan, it's time to chase down Ryan Gosling.) And apparently, one in 10 people in a U.K. study said they know a lady who is planning to propose to her guy this Leap Year. Also, 44 percent of men would say "yes" if the woman popped the question, and 27 percent think it's outdated to expect men to do all the proposing.

I call B.S. on these 27 percent. Come on, they're just trying to answer the question in a politically correct way. Do you really believe that so many men would be comfortable with their girlfriend proposing? Expert after expert has said that if a guy wants to propose, he goes ahead and does it. So if he's not proposing, he's just not emotionally or financially ready yet, but it doesn't mean he never will be. After all, why would only 44 percent accept a proposal? Hmm...I feel like a lot of British women are about to be disappointed. 

Feb. 29 is, however, a great excuse to fantasize about proposing to your celebrity crushes. So that's what we're doing over here at the YourTango HQ.

What do you think? Would you ever propose to a guy?

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