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12 Things That Are Decidedly Better Than Sex

Chocolate chip cookies

Cafe Mom's The Stir has come up with a ridiculously specific list of 50 things that are almost better than sex, which includes "peeing on a full bladder," "the birth of your child" and "a slice of pizza from Ray's on 11th Street and 6th Avenue." So we decided to counter it with our own list, this one of things that are decidedly better than sex. Our staff had a ball with this...let us know if you agree with any of them or have your own!

1. Chocolate chip cookies.

2. Jersey Shore (watching other people smoosh > smooshing?) 

3. Shopping at a secret sample sale (what can we say, we're New Yawkers).

4. Holding hands.

5. Winning the lottery (gotta agree with The Stir on this one). Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!

6. A good Martini.

7. Being gorgeous and perfect and famous, and being pregnant with the baby of your successful and famous husband (ahem, Jay-Z and Beyonce). Beyoncé And Jay-Z Are Having A Baby!

8. Getting that sought-after promotion.

9. Guys with British accents.

10. Girls' nights!

11. Losing yourself in a book you can truly relate to, like YT editor Krissy Gasbarre's new How To Love An American Man

12. Love. 

Sound off: What's better than sex?

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