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My Husband & I Fight About The Dishes—Or Is It Something Bigger?

Are you and your significant other always fighting about the dirty dishes in the sink? How about shutting the cabinet doors or making the bed? If these small battles sound familiar, you're not alone. Many couples fight about such things, but is this a sign of a bigger problem? My Husband And I Fight All The Time; Is Our Marriage Failing?

In this video, Therapist, Social Worker and YourTango Expert, Elisabeth LaMotte helps a reader who is constantly fighting with her husband about washing the dirty dishes in the sink. She's worried that this may be a sign of a bigger communication problem in their relationship. Elisabeth points out that she's right to a certain extent—having this fight over and over again is a problem—but there are simple ways for her to resolve it.

Learn why picking and choosing your battles as well as approaching problematic topics with "I" statements are important strategies  when it comes to resolving your "dirty dishes" fight. 

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