The Most Important Qualities To Look For In A Life Partner

When looking for a true life partner, what are the most important qualities he/she should possess? Is it attractive looks, a great personality, a solid professional life or something else? Dating Resolutions: 7 Qualities Of An Ideal Partner [EXPERT]

In this video, Therapist and YourTango Expert, Elisabeth LaMotte helps answer this question with her "candy bars or apples" analogy. As you might imagine, "candy bar" dates are ones that are sexy and attractive and you want them right away, but afterwards, you kind of feel sick to your stomach because candy isn't good for you. On the other hand, "apple" dates are the ones that you may not be attracted to as much at first, but will leave you feeling satisfied and happy for a long time. So, which ones have you been dating?

Find out how to determine the exact qualities your "apple" should have by watching the above video.