Um, Ew!? The Weird Place SO Many People Are Masturbating (Based On New Survey)

Some of these are pretty weird.

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When the feeling strikes — you know, that lonesome, need-a-lover feeling — sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands. Literally.

Yes, we're talking about masturbation, and shame on you for scoffing. Pleasuring yourself is 100 percent natural, folks, although tiptoeing around the subject is to be expected.

Luckily, the folks at Adam & Eve, an adult product company, aren't shy about that kind of thing. They surveyed more than 1,000 adults about their self-love habits and the results are pretty ... interesting.


It's no surprise that the majority of those who responded (63 percent) get freaky with themselves in the bedroom. Another familiar venue took  second place for most popular masturbation spot: the shower. About one-third of people use their daily cleaning time to get a little bit dirty. 

The next few answers are where it starts to get interesting. Twenty-three percent of adults do it "in front of the computer" (it's likely no secret what they're watching — Scandal. Just kidding, it's porn). Nine percent say they do it in the living room, completely disregarding who may be passing by to steal a glance at the free self-love show happening on the couch.


Meanwhile, a small percentage (4 percent) of adults do it in the car. Hey, if you're a man or woman on the go, sometimes you have to take drastic measures to pleasure yourself.

Finally, one percent of us masturbate in the kitchen or at work. Kitchen sex is pretty kinky, so we see where that came from. Let's just hope some hand-washing happens before any food preparation takes place.

As for at work, that seems really risky, which is perhaps the appeal. But hey, if the door is locked and the situation arises, you go for it, one percent. Ninety-nine percent of adults don't have such guts, and I guess they're missing out.

Where is your favorite place to get it on with yourself?