10 Of The Longest Marriages In Hollywood & How They Make It Work

10 Of The Longest Marriages In Hollywood & How They Make It Work
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In honor of National Marriage Week, we're profiling the long-lasting unions in Celebland!

Marriages are always hard work. But, try adding dozens of paparazzi cameras trailing your every move, total strangers making judgments about your relationship and printing them in magazines, and a spouse whose jobs requires frequently making out with some of the most attractive actors today, and keeping a marriage alive becomes even harder.

Hollywood marriages can be quite difficult to handle, but there are a few couples who have lasted amidst the choas and calamity. Here are a 10 partnerships that have worked, and how they keep it together!

1. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick: married in 1997, 14 years
This couple is one of the most private in Hollywood, so we'll go ahead and speculate that this is how they keep their realtionship healthy. No need to let prying eyes and cameras into it. In a rare mention of her personal life, SJP told Marie Claire last fall that she and Matthew "don't talk about our marriage a lot, which is probably wise. There are so many other things in our lives that take precedence over the splitting of the atom of our marriage." Seems likes they don't pry into their marriage too much themselves either! Sarah Jessica Parker: Kids "Distract You From Your Relationship"

2. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas: married in 1996, 15 years
These two were both married to other people when they met, but just because their first marriages didn't last, doesn't mean theirs won't. They've sure had a taste of struggle: Melanie recently overcame a long addition to alcohol and drugs. She told People in 2009, "My husband and family supported me so much through this journey and continue to do so."

How else do they make their marriage work? Antonio once said to CrankyCritic.com: "To be married in our profession is not an easy thing, as there are too many beautiful people around, very interesting people. It's just a matter of really being patient and probably having the capacity and the faith of falling in love with your own wife again, which happened to me. It's almost like a fire that you just feed with little pieces of wood, little by little, and then if you cross a certain line around the sixth, seventh, eighth year, everything becomes easier." Cute! [Editor's note: As of June 2014, Melanie Griffith has filed for divorce.]

3. Annette Benning and Warren Beatty: married in 1992, 19 years
Warren Beatty was always known as the ultimate ladies' man (some even say Carol King's song "You're So Vain" is about Beatty), so it's quite a shock that he's settled down for so long. But four children later, this couple is still going strong. These two seem to make it last by the confidence they have in their love for one another. In 2007, Beatty told the Irish Independent: "I was never divided on the subject (of marriage) with Annette. I was never divided on the subject of having a child. And I was never divided on the subject of her integrity or intelligence or capacity to love."

It seems they also never forget to take the time to be together, just the two of them. Annette told Good Housekeeping in 2004: "We also really try to make time for ourselves. And I think (our children) are pretty understanding about that. I think in some ways it is comforting to hear their parents say 'No, we're going to do something on our own. We want to be alone together.' But we also involve them in a lot of stuff."

4. David Bowie and Iman: married in 1992, 19 years
For these two, it seems showing more than telling is key. Iman told New York magazine last year that her hubby's actions always spoke louder than his words. "We were dating for two weeks and I was coming from Paris and I got to L.A. at the airport and the doors open to the plane and I come out and I see all these people taking a picture of somebody. And he was standing there, flowers in hand, no security. That was when I knew he was a keeper. He didn't care if anyone saw." Seriously adorable.

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