Kurt Russell Loves All Kate Hudson's Exes

Kurt Russell

The actor is totally cool with all his daughter's old flames... Even A-Rod!

We would love it if OUR dads told us they were cool with every guy we've ever dated — if our dads were that cool. But, don’t count Kurt Russell as an uncool dad, since he just recently went on record saying that all of his daughter Kate Hudson's exes were chill guys, according to US Weekly.

Now, we should probably point out here that Kurt isn’t Kate’s biological dad – Bill Hudson is, as a result from his union with Kate’s uber-famous mom, Goldie Hawn. But Kurt has been a part of Kate’s life forever, so it’s only natural he would hold a “fatherly place” in her heart. (Very cute alert!)

But we digress. Anyway, Kurt went into some detail during his interview with Canadian talk show, etalk, including saying that he liked Kate’s first husband Chris Robinson. And, he even loved A-Rod! (We do too. And so does Cameron Diaz!)

But, Kurt wrapped it up nicely by saying that his daughter has been fortunate in terms of mates and he’s a fan of Matt Bellamy, who is expecting a child with Kate. He’s even confident in their parenting abilities. Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy: Soon To Be Engaged?

"She's a real good mom and I think Matt will be a real good dad,” Kurt said.

Can you say too cute?! But, why Kurt felt the need to speak up for Kate we’re not sure. But, we’ll admire him for putting on his Dad Cap and showing his daughter some support in her dating choices. We’re not so sure our dads would be so forgiving – but then again not all dads can be as cool as Kurt Russell.

Photo Credit: INF