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Is This Normal? He Won't Stop Texting

Is This Normal? He Won't Stop Texting

If you aren't texting, then you probably aren't talking to any 16-year-olds. Or most people for that matter. Texting, whether you like it or not, is now a way of life. However, as with all good things—hamburgers, the sun and Ryan Gosling—sometimes too much exposure can cause cancer. Or at least some relational difficulty.

This week a reader wrote in to ask if it's normal for this guy she's been seeing for two months to refuse to pick up his phone. Here is what she writes:

"I've been seeing a guy for about 2 months. We've hooked up a few times and had a lot of fun dates. I really like him. There is just one problem. He only texts me. He returns my calls with a text and texts me responses to emails. He's Facebook messaged me once or twice, but usually it's all texting. Is this normal? Or does this mean he thinks I'm a fling and doesn't want anything more serious?"

Awkward. And I think she's onto something. A guy who won't pick up the phone once in two months at best isn't serious with your relationship and at worst he's hiding something more sinister. I think texting is all good and fun, but after the first month, if it's all text all the time you're either dating a 13-year-old or someone who doesn't want to put much effort into the relationship. Help! My Boyfriend Won't Put His Phone Away At Dinner

Caveat: I did ask the reader her age and the age of the guy she's seeing, but she declined to answer. 

What do you think?

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