Men Or Women: Which Gender Is More Likely To Keep Resolutions?

man vs woman

Find out who is more likely to set and keep New Year's resolutions.

With every New Year there comes a chance for a do-over, or at the very least the opportunity to do things differently than we have in the past.

Tokii's DiscoveryGames collected the responses of participants to see exactly what kind of resolutions men and women are setting—and who's sticking to them.

Both men and women make New Year's resolutions, with the ladies being ahead at 67% and the men at 55%. Although there is an effort being made from both genders, 80% of men and 45% of women reported that they've failed to keep resolutions, or more specifically "gave up too easily." 10 New Year's Resolutions For Single Women

When it came to sex in this month of resolutions and cold weather, 62% of men and 38% of women would be comfortable "introducing their partner to a sexual position once a month"—and some very eager respondents (51% of men and 32% of women) want to learn a new sexual position every week for the duration of the year.

But what's love and sex without some level of restraint in other areas of one's life? Being comfortable in your relationship also means ironing out the other things in between. Over 60% of both genders agreed to cut out such yumminess as alcohol and sweets during the week. And of those who did make that resolution, it was the men who were far better at sticking to this at 50%, where the ladies fell a touch shorter at 43%. Although 67% of women said they are willing to spend extra on organic products in an attempt to keep up this healthy lifestyle, while only a tiny sliver (17%) of the gentlemen would shell out for this in the new year. Relationship Rehab: 12 Steps To Becoming A Happier Couple In 2012

How do the resolution-makers partners fare with all this goal-setting and change-making? Thankfully, a rather small amount—37% of women and 38% of men—strongly felt that their partners "expressly sabotaged their goals in the past." Funny how one innocent box of cupcakes can cause so much strife in a relationship, isn't it?

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