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Should I Confess My Affair To My Wife?

Is it selfish to confess an affair to your wife or husband? If it makes you feel better but makes them feel worse, is that OK? And, how are they ever going to trust you again once your infidelity sees the light of day? 5 Ways To Move Beyond An Affair

In this video, Relationship and YourTango Expert Janie Lacy offers her advice to a reader who has cheated on his wife and is debating whether or not to come clean. He's worried his confession is just "continuing the selfish act." To help him out, Janie outlines the risk factors to not fessing up, which include the building fear that will keep him distant from his wife and the possibility of her finding out another way.

On the other hand, if he confesses to his infidelity, he'll have to be prepared for a long road of honesty and earning back her trust. See what Janie suggests he do in the video above.