Exclusive! Molly Shannon: "A Sense Of Humor Is A Turn-On"

The 'SNL' veteran talks love, parenting and laughter with CelebLove TV.

Written on Sep 07, 2011

Molly Shannon

We know her best for her hilarious roles as Sally O'Malley on Saturday Night Live and Mary Katherine Gallagher in Superstar, but Molly Shannon has since graduated into new roles, including wife, mother and... children's book author?


The 46-year-old actress/comedian and mother to Stella, 7, and Nolan, 6, has been pretty busy lately. This month alone, she'll be making the rounds as the new spokesperson for Skinny Cow candy, as well as guest-hosting The Talk and, yes, promoting her new children's book, Tilly The Trickster. 

So how does she juggle all of this while taking care of her two children, keeping things spicy with her husband, Fritz Chestnut, and maintaining that amazing sense of humor? Watch our exclusive CelebLove TV interview to find out! 7 Funniest Celeb Couples

Here are some some highlights from our chat:

Molly on her new book, Tilly The Trickster"It's about a little girl named Tilly, who's very mischievous and plays tricks on her brother, parents and schoolmates. It's a little based on me when I was little, and also my dad. All my friends loved my dad because he would make everybody laugh. I passed that sense of adventure and fun down to my kids—I encourage them to be like that."


On her favorite part of being a mom: "I really like the simple things like taking them to school and getting them settled—it gives me great peace. My daughter is at this age now where she's so affectionate and gives me the biggest hugs. I have friends with older kids who say, 'Enjoy that now, because they're not always going to be that way.'"

On having a sense of humor: "It's a turn-on. Certainly with dating, I liked writers and comedy guys. For me, if the person and I weren't connecting humor-wise, I feel like there wouldn't be a connection. My husbands is funny! He's a painter, so he can seem quieter, but he's actually really funny, smart and silly." Humor: The Language of Intimacy

On encouraging laughter with her children: "I encourage silliness. In school, they have to be so serious all the time. I like them to have fun and play... I feel like kids are too overscheduled these days."

You can catch Molly Shannon next in an upcoming episode of ABC's The Middle, and as a voice in Adam Sandler's animated flick, Hotel Transylvania.


Is a sense of humor a turn-on for you? Do you encourage your kids to laugh?

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