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What Guys Think Links: Soul-Rattling Sex For Cool Autumn Nights

Good work making it this far into September… it's almost honest-to-goodness fall-time, friends. Enjoy the windbreakers and hot apple cider.

What would be an ideal gift for a great weekend? How about some soul-rattling ? Per Elephant Journal, outstanding is a must-have prerequisite for lasting love. It definitely makes fall evenings warmer.

Not all freaky is created equal. John DeVore, dude extraordinaire at The Frisky, takes on the outstandingest, back-archingest, muscles-achingest romp he's ever had. Sometimes it's the quietest-est women who want to scream in your face.

Whether the is vanilla or some sort of mixture of almonds, chocolate, caramel and gummy bears, someone is probably doing more work. Em And Lo ask their man panel if dudes have to do most of the work in bed. I think it's only fair that whoever does the least amount of work should have to sleep in the wet spot.

For some people , like pizza or live covers of great songs, cannot be truly bad. Other people are actually good at (and have had a decent slice in their time). Rich Santos, Mr. Guy at Marie Claire, has a few notions about dialing into each other's inner freaky-deak.

Moby is a guy who doesn't have hair. He doesn't eat meat. He doesn't care for violence or furniture. But Moby is still a guy. And like any guy, per Nerve, he wants to produce pornography.

"The Friend Zone" a place where dreams and boners go to die. Conventional wisdom tells us that a man can never escape that dreaded territory, but conventional wisdom also told us that the earth was pear-shaped. Guyism takes on how to turn that gal pal (you in this case) into something more -having.

Some guys don't take "no" for an answer. College Candy asks their resident dude how to kick an eager beaver to the curb without seriously hurting his feelings. Best of luck. For your next trick, I suggest solving that thing in the Middle East. 

The satirical site The Impersonals is getting in on the breakup action. It turns out there's just no good way to reject a boy anymore. I blame our fathers for playing golf while our mothers were giving us feelings.

Speaking of fathers, the dudes at Very Smart Brothas have seen daddy issues covering for entirely too much bad dating behavior in women and have declared the excuse invalid. What if she insists on calling you daddy while you berate her about her sub-standard report card (while receiving oral , natch)?

Do good husbands make good fathers? Evidently, guy code makes guys into crummy husbands. Good Men Project holds guy code, in this case, responsible for making dudes good at doing stuff and less good at talking about stuff (and stuff). Interestingly men, martyrs they may be, are not completely to blame in this shortcoming. Outstanding comments on this sucker. I think some feelings were hurt.

And, speaking of starting a family, what happens when the dude is amped to get the baby train a-rollin' and the lady wants to pump the breaks/never ever have babies. Ask Men has the answers, just ask 'em.

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