7 Funniest Celeb Couples

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These funny folks know the secret of lasting relationships: making each other (and us) laugh.

Women and men the world over cite a sense of humor as one of the top qualities a romantic partner should have, and lest we forget, celebrities are just like us. They like to laugh, and even more, they like to make money. So it's no wonder funny people tend to marry each other and create more funny people, and then create funny work. Here are seven of the funniest celeb couples, with some of their best work.

Judd Apatow & Leslie Mann

The current king of comedy would still be flailing around with failed TV series if not for his uproariously hilarious wife. In our opinion, she totally made The 40-Year-Old Virgin with her side-splitting drunken roars demanding some "f*ckin' French toast!" Judd and Leslie met on the set of 1996's The Cable Guy, which he produced and she starred in. They married the following year, had two equally hilarious daughters, and have been making us laugh ever since. Why Geeks Are The New Chic

Steve Carell & Nancy Walls

When Daily Show correspondents marry, the results are nothing but awesome (see also: Jason Jones and Samantha Bee, among Canada's greatest gifts to the U.S.). Steve and Nancy met when he was teaching an improv class in L.A., lending an extra-special hot-for-teacher angle to their relationship. They married in 1995, moved to New York to work on The Daily Show, and later worked together again on The Office, where Steve made us cringe while screaming with laughter as Nancy tried to deflect his insanity as Michael Scott's girlfriend, put-upon realtor Carol.

Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor

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If these two had only made Zoolander together, we'd still love them for it, because we secretly like to imagine that Owen Wilson lives over their garage when he's between relationships. But Ben, son of the famously funny Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, and Christine, one of the good-humored survivors of Nickelodeon's Hey Dude, went on to costar in Dodgeball and Tropic Thunder. They met while filming the pilot for Jack Black's cult never-aired TV show, Heat Vision and Jack and have two kids, who we hope find their parents as funny as we do.