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Does Rihanna Have A Sex Tape With Rapper J.Cole?


With the hit song "S&M" under her belt, it's no surprise that Rihanna isn't afraid to embrace her sexuality. But, is the 23-year-old Grammy winning R&B star prepared for her real-life boudoir activities to be revealed to the world?

According to Radar Online, Hustler Magazine claims they are in possession of a sex tape, which reportedly features Rihanna and rapper J.Cole, who was an opening act for her 2011 Loud tour, in a moment of heated passion. 

"Hustler are in possession of the Rihanna and J-Cole tape," a Hustler spokesperson said. "We have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet." 6 Infamous Celebrity Sex Tape Stars

While no further details were disclosed, Rihanna and J-Cole quickly resorted to Twitter to defend themselves.

"We don't believe U, U need more people… AND of course an actual sextape! #slownewsday," Rihanna tweeted on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, J.Cole insists the video is just "gossip, gossip." Lady Gaga At The VMAs: Are Public Lesbian Kisses Passe?

Meanwhile, an anonymous source provided gossip site Media Takeout with screen shots from the video, which showed a woman with "fiery red hair—similar to Rihanna's" getting busy with a man resembling J.Cole, according to HuffPost Celebrity.

Since celebrity sex tapes have become a regular entertainment news staple almost as common as the famous Hollywood sign in L.A., Hustler's accusation could be just another ploy for publicity. Larry Flynt did make a public $500,000 offer to Casey Anthony to pose for a pictorial after her murder trial, which her camp vehemently brushed aside as "nonsense."

While this maybe a "he said, she said" scenario, it does shed light once more on our public fascination with the rich and famous's sexcapades. Considering how such private and intimate information is so easily accessible nowadays (hello there, Twitpics), you can't help but question the motive behind these scandals — or why celebrities even think twice about filming themselves between the sheets. Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!

So what do you think about the celebrity sex tape hype? Did Rihanna and J.Cole actually get down and dirty in front of the camera? Or is this just another PR stunt? Comment away!

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