Lady Gaga At The VMAs: Are Public Lesbian Kisses Passe?

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It's been eight years since Britney and Madonna's epic kiss. Time for some new material, divas.

As far as Lady Gaga transformations go, her gender-bending "Jo Calderone" act on last night's MTV Video Music Awards was pretty brilliant. No more egg-shaped vessels or meat dresses—just a macho dude who hits on everything in sight. Including Britney Spears. Just before Brit-Brit received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award, "Jo" confessed that he used to get turned on by Britney posters hanging on his bedroom wall. And then! The promise of a kiss was in the air. Oh, what they won't do for ratings. Thankfully, Britney rebuffed Gaga's/Jo's advances and we didn't have to relive 2003's Madonna-Brit kiss. Back then, this type of thing seemed new and risque, but now? It's not so envelope-pushing anymore. 

What do you think of these celeb lesbian kisses? Blatant cry for attention?