5 Sex-Proof Makeup Tricks

sex-proof makeup

Have you ever dreaded the moment you realize that soon your makeup will be all over your guy's pillowcase? Here's a few tips and tricks to keep your glam factor up when it's about to go down.

1) Lip stains- Treat your man to sexy red lips without fear of leaving a lipstick trail on his linens.

Tip: Layer your lipstick with a lip stain underneath. After you've eaten dinner, you'll still have color on your lips for…dessert.

Trick: Rub a little on your cheeks for an instant natural flush.

2) Sealers- Say goodbye to being mortified for leaving foundation on your date's shoulder after a hug.

Tip: Set makeup with a makeup sealer.

Trick: Hold the bottle a few inches from you face, spray in the air and walk into the mist. Repeat a few times for maximum hold. A good makeup setting spray will hold makeup all-day while preventing creasing or cracking. Look for one that is moisture resistant so you can feel free to sweat the night away with confidence.

3) Eyebrow sealer- Yes, the previous sealer mentioned may work for brows BUT if you are truly worried about looking like Whoopi Goldberg this product is for you.

Tip: Fill in your brows with a fine tipped pencil followed by a bit of shadow to fill in really sparse areas. Use a clean disposable mascara wand to brush on the eyebrow sealer. Madame Noire: Common Myths About Black Woman/White Man Relationships

Trick: Mix eyebrow sealer with brow gel. Mixing the two products will reduce the shine of the eyebrow sealer.

4) Clear Mascara- Lashes are essential in the art of seduction! But who has time to be worried about fake ones falling off? Skip the falsies and opt for giving your on lashes a boost.

Tip: Apply mascara on the bottom lashes first. Hold the brush upright and use the tip to lightly glide over the lashes.

Trick: Put an extra coat of black mascara on the top end lashes only. This will give you a sexy winged out look to your eye which is always a crowd pleaser.

5) Eyeliner: Not even Halle Berry could pull off a raccoon eye. If skipping eyeliner is out of the question, be sure to pick one that is smudge-proof.

Tip: Try a cream or gel eyeliner. Using an angle brush, make small dashes across your eye from the outside corner to the inside corner. Go back and connect the lines. This is the easiest way to get a straight line.

Trick: Using whatever is leftover from lining the top, lightly smudge the eyeliner just in the outside corners of the eye.

Written by makeup artist Mikki Bey for Madame Noire.

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This article was originally published at Madame Noire. Reprinted with permission from the author.