College Students Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Carry Textbooks

student carrying textbooks
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They'll go celibate for digital textbooks. Kids these days.

College campuses may be notorious for promiscuity, but don't forget that most students are actually there to, uh, study. According to a survey released by software company Kno, Inc., one in four college students would give up sex for a year in exchange for electronic textbooks. Study: Most College Women Don't Have Lesbian Flings

Granted, the sample size was pretty small: just 506 students in various four-year institutions were surveyed, meaning that less than 130 students actually conform to the claim cited by the results. Who knows how much sex these kids are having in the first place? I Had an Affair With My College Professor

At the same time, it's worth looking into what eBooks provide that nookie does not. For one thing, eBooks would likely be cheaper than traditional textbooks, which can cost upward of $300 dollars each. The Kno survey adds that students spend around $2,400 on textbooks during their undergraduate careers. Money saved on textbooks is money that could be used buying your dates drinks once the celibacy period is over. 4 Reasons To Embrace Celibacy (That Don't Involve God)

Secondly, textbooks are just a pain to carry around. Nothing causes premature back problems like lugging 20 pounds of reading material across a 400-acre campus — and back pain doesn't make for awesome sex. If textbooks on the Kindle would allow more stamina and flexibility, then it's no surprise that students would withhold sexy time for the e-book's lighter format.

This isn't the first time a survey's results have suggested that convenience trumps sex. A couple of years ago, a study by Intel showed that 46 percent of women would rather give up sex for two weeks than their Internet connection. We're a rather practical society, aren't we?

What would make you decide to give up sex for a year? A Kindle? A life's supply of free cell phones and service? A life's supply of clean underwear? You know you're thinking about it...