Sarah Palin And More Hot Celebrity Boomer Grandparents

Grandma Sarah Palin

"Don't cha" call her a grandma! At 44, America's favorite Alaskan is going to be a grandparent for a second time. Her eldest son, Track, 22, is expecting his first child with wife, Britta Hansen. Sarah already has one grandchild, Tripp, the son of DWTS turned author, Bristol. And to make the story more salacious? This could be Sarah's second out-of-wedlock grandchild. Reportedly, Britta looked pregnant during her baby shower, leading many to believe she was already with child long before heading down the aisle. I guess the excessive moose hunting must have gotten boring for the Palin bunch. Sarah Palin Has Another Out-Of-Wedlock Grandchild On The Way

But despite the hoopla, Sarah also joins an elite and common group rising in Hollywood: boomer grandparents. From Martin Sheen to Jim Carrey to Goldie Hawn, many of these middle-aged celebs  are proving that not all grandparents have to be rogue…um, elderly and gray.

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