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Sarah Palin Has Another Out-Of-Wedlock Grandchild On The Way

Is there not a lot for college-aged kids to do in Alaska besides have sex? Because we can't figure out why Sarah Palin's kids keep having babies at such a young age. According to the Daily Mail, Track Palin, the former Alaska governor's 22-year-old son, is expecting a baby with his wife of 2 months, 21-year-old Britta Hanson.

What makes the story particularly interesting is that Sarah's new daughter-in-law, Britta, looked heavily pregnant at her recent baby shower, which probably means that she was pregnant long before her honeymoon.

And although we didn't realize shotgun weddings were still in vogue, apparently when your mother is a staunch Republican, who once touted abstinence-only sex education in school, then you probably feel pressured to propose to your pregnant girlfriend, if not out of love, then out of fear of making your mother look like a hypocrite, yet again. Bristol Palin Admits She Was Drunk When She Lost Her Virginity

If you remember, Sarah already has one out-of-wedlock grandchild, thanks to her daughter Bristol Palin's poorly-timed teenage pregnancy during the 2008 election. But given the rumors that Sarah may still run for president in 2012, maybe she is trying to manage her family's image for the better.

In the meantime, perhaps Britta could join her sister-in-law Bristol on one of her many pro-abstinence speeches around the country? (After she has the baby, of course.) 

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