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The Bachelorette Episode 9: Fiji Is For Lovers...Sometimes

The Bachelorette Episode 9

This week, Ben, Constantine and JP hit up Fiji to further woo their lady. But they're not alone. After a brief recap of the last three standing, Ryan shows up out of the blue to make one last play for Ashley's heart. He sits her down and talks her ear off in an attempt to rekindle a spark. Ashley’s flame, however, might be decidedly snuffed. So she tells Ryan that she'll think about it, and shuffles him out the door. The Bachelorette Episode 8: Hometown Dates And Heartbreak

Why? Because it's date time, baby, and Ben is up. Ashley shows up in a belly baring bikini top and takes her wine-making man for a ride on a yacht, where they make out like teenagers before a quick snorkel session. That night at dinner, Ben eagerly accepts the fantasy suite invitation and the tipsy twosome continue their canoodling in a private pool, then… a private bed.

The next day, Ashley washes off the scent of Ben's cologne and meets up with Constantine for what else but a helicopter ride. They cruise the friendly Fijian skies and take in the sites. Unbeknownst to them, Ryan is on the ground contemplating his future with Ashley. She's kept him on ice for a few days, and Ryan is aching for a chance to thaw her heart out. He'll have to keep waiting because Ashley and Constantine continue their date with a waterfall swim and picnic. Ashley seems a tad bothered that she can't quite read Constantine. He's holding back and Ashley worries that he's not willing to jump into a relationship. At dinner, Constantine lays it out and tells Ashley that he is not in a place where he can accept the fantasy suite because he is not in love with her.

Ashley is none too pleased when Constantine tells her that it's the end of the road for him. He was ready to find love, had it been there. Oh, snap.

So the next day, Ashley goes RUNNING to Ryan to replace Constantine. Kidding. She pulls a Constantine and kicks him to the curb.

So this leaves JP. Ashley picks him up wearing a white-trash wedding dress—jean shorts and a poncho—and takes him on a private plane to a private beach, where they publicly make out for hours. At dinner, Ashley tells a very nervous and jealous JP that she sent two guys packing, which pleases JP immensely. Of course he accepts the fantasy suite key, where they hit the hay in a big way.

Even though there are only two dudes left, Ashley still puts them through a rose ceremony. Both guys accept, of course.

Next week, the men tell all. Bentley, you’ve been missed.

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