5 New Ways to Show You Love Him - Without Saying It


Additional options than saying 'I love you'

In anticipation of the live online chat I’m hosting on July 11, 2011 at 9:30 pm EST/ 6:30 pm PST – click here for details – I was thinking deep about love, life and everything in between. Whether you’re in a perfectly loving phase or a relationship rut, here are a handful of quick tips to spark a daily connection between you and your mate. Use these 5 new ways to say “I love you” in 30 seconds or less.

1. Use “Follow Up” Bonds

When your mate tells you about something that’s going to happen that day, whether it’s a meeting, a doctor’s appointment, or taking your son or daughter to a soccer game, always make it a top priority to ask your mate, “How did it go?” By following up you are saying, you matter to me and I love you.

2. Bestow “Focused” Talk

If you and your mate are away from each other during the day and you are busy but have access to e-mail or text messaging, take 30 seconds to send a romantic note saying, “Just thinking about you,” “How’s your day going?” or “Looking forward to seeing you tonight.”

3. Offer “Pitch-in” Connectors

Volunteering to help your mate with tasks (like those in the kitchen or child care) even when you are busy, tired or overwhelmed yourself is another powerful way to say, “I love you. You are special to me and I care about you.”

4. Display “Face-to-Face” Expressions

As love becomes a permanent fixture in our life, we often take it for granted. Don’t ignore your mate. Routinely say hello and goodbye to each other and engage in one sentence face-to-face expressions of love such as “I love our life together,” “You’re a great mother/father,” or “Your were so kind to do that for me.”

5. Exhibit “Touch and Go” Contact

When you and your mate arrive home, how much time passes before you touch each other or offer a quick hug or kiss? Today, and every day, when you are together, whether you are watching TV, emptying the dishwasher or reading, take 30 seconds to reach out to each other. This quick touch says, “I see you. I hear you. I love you.”

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