YourTango Quickies: New Factoids On Cheating, Orgasms & Divorce

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This week YourTango launches a new feature: YourTango Quickies. Appearing Tuesdays at 5 pm, this post will be a round-up of sexy, surprising and significant sex, dating and marriage facts from the past week. Use these facts to impress your date, wow your husband or wife, spark conversation among your friends or just to scratch your head about the weirdness of life and love.

Cheating runs in families. Men are more likely to cheat if they grow up with an unfaithful father. So Arnold Schwarzenegger's son is even worse off than we thought... What's weird about this study is that the daughters of adulterous dads aren't more likely to step out on their men. The researchers didn't give very good explanations for this. Monkey see, monkey do was the basic explanation—boys see their fathers cheating and assume that it's OK. Girls take their relationship cues from their moms. The study also found that men cheat for sex, women cheat when they're dissatisfied with their relationship.

Also, people who have sexual insecurities are more likely to cheat. Specifically, researchers found women who worry about their ability to stay aroused and orgasm are 8 percent more likely to stray, and men who worry about impotence and premature ejaculation are 6 percent more likely to stray. Six and 8 percent may seem like low numbers, but only when you're not a victim of cheating! Tip: Don't forget to tell your husband how great he is in bed!

Men in Denver spend an average of $221 on a first date, making Colorado's capital the city with the most generous single men. Wow—$221 is a lot of money! If a guy goes on one first date a month that's over $2500 a year. Cincinnati, OH men spend the least, averaging $72 per first date. The study was conducted by a new online dating site called, where generous (read: wealthy) folks can bid for dates with attractive people. The site's founder is the author of a book called Seeking Arrangement: The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships.

Botox can hurt your marriage. Facial muscles help you decode other people's emotions by ever-so-slightly mimicking the other person's facial expression. The wrinkle-eraser freezes these muscles, making people less empathetic, which is bad news for relationships. This is a tough one, because I bet a lot of women would have trouble choosing between beauty and empathy. Talk about freezing someone out...

Simultaneous orgasm is more likely when the man is extremely attractive or extremely masculine. Yes, this comes from an actual study. The explanation goes back to evolutionary psychology: the researchers theorized that female orgasm helps a woman retain a man's sperm and get pregnant. If that's the case, women would be more likely to orgasm with dudes who have "high-quality" (read: healthy) swimmers, and thus produce "high-quality" babies. Whether or not this is true, I like that scientists are researching evolutionary reasons for female orgasm—it's always seemed ridiculous that the clitoris has no function other than to give pleasure.

Women who lose their virginity in their teens are more likely to get divorced. De-virginized teens are 16 percent more likely to get divorced within the first five years of marriage, and 20 percent more likely to divorce within ten years of marriage. New wedding vow: "Do you take this woman to be your lawfully-wedded wife, even though she had sex when she was 15?"

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