Study: Simultaneous Orgasm More Likely With Hot Men

pleased woman in bed

A new study finds that sex with an attractive man ups the likelihood of simultaneous orgasm.

To be fair, many woman are as confused about the female orgasm as men are.

Everyone knows a woman's orgasm doesn't come anywhere near as easy as a man's (and that's not even mentioning multiple orgasms), especially during intercourse.

Everyone knows a woman's orgasm doesn't come as easily as a man's (and that's not even mentioning multiple orgasms), especially during sex. In fact, according to Women's Health, only 25 percent of women always climax during intercourse in comparison to the 90 percent of men who always do, leaving us to either fake it, finish after the fact or generally leave less-than-satisfied. Lucky for us, science is on our side, and there's a new study that finds the likelihood of a female orgasm (around the same time as the guy's) increases when having sex with a hot man.

In the study, researchers took a look at the timing and frequency of female orgasms, finding that 42 percent of women have a coital orgasm before their partner ejaculates, whereas 28 percent of women have one during ejaculation and 33 percent of women have one after. In comparison, 54.5 percent of women have a non-coital partners orgasm, and 72 percent orgasm during solo sex. How to Achieve Multiple Orgasms EVERY Time By Just Using Your Mind

Based on these results, researchers found the coincience  of simultaneous orgasm increased when the man in the couple is very attractive and/or very masculine. The hotter the guy, the more likely a woman will have an orgasm period—and the more likely she is to orgasm either at the same time or just after her partner.

However, a hot man isn't the only way women can reach a satisfying finish—"hotness" isn't a fixed quality, after all. Ian Kerner, sex therapist and author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, says the chance for a woman to orgasm increases when she receives continuous clitoral stimulation. To do this, he suggests the woman-on-top position, or a position that mimics how she has solo sex. Kerner also suggests that women stop being a self-critical and, "being too concerned with her appearance and/or performance to actually enjoy herself." In other words, just relax. How To Love Your Body In Bed

How often do you experience simultaneous orgasm with your partner?

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