Your Lips Can Reveal Your Ability To Orgasm (Says Science)

poppy lips

In today's kooky love news, Stuart Brody, a psychology professor at the University of the West of Scotland, claims that you can discern a woman's ability to achieve orgasm just by looking at her lips.

His paper, titled "Vaginal Orgasm Is More Prevalent Among Women with a Prominent Tubercle of the Upper Lip," names the plump spot below your cupid's bow, called the tubercle, as the best indicator of sexual satisfaction. But if you have a thin mouth, don't despair. While full lips are commonly associated with sexual prowess, Brody says to focus on that small bump instead of overall lip shape.

Brody gathered his data using an online survey of 258 mostly Scottish women with an average age of 27 years. Participants with a prominent tubercle were also more likely to have ever achieved a vaginal orgasm, leading Brody to believe that there is a link between lip shape and sexual responsiveness. 

Although skeptics question the reliability of his survey, Brody is no stranger to quirky sex studies. In 2008, he published a paper saying that women with fluid, energetic, sensual gaits have a greater chance of experiencing vaginal orgasms than those with "blocked pelvic muscles."

At the same time, it's worth exploring the possible biological bases of Brody's claims. Brody might have dismissed the idea that women with larger tubercles experience vaginal orgasms because they're more attractive (and thus have more sex), but he does note that lip shape may be determined by the same forces that govern neurological processes. If Brody's theory stands, the tubercle itself don't control orgasms, but rather, hints at the processes behind them.

Either way, the study deals only with naturally prominent tubercles, so don't rush out for a collagen treatment just yet.

What percentage of women would you guess have experienced vaginal orgasm?