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Judge Gives Woman OK To Masturbate At Work

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An accountant in Brazil is now free to masturbate to porn at work. But what's the catch?

Well, it looks like somebody's Mondays just got a whole lot better. AOL reports that a Brazilian judge gave a female accountant legal entitlement to masturbate at work and watch porn on a company computer (we know there's a "PowerPoint" joke in here somewhere...). 

This isn't a simple matter of rights or even arousement, though. Ana Catrian Bezerra, 36, reportedly suffers from severe anxiety and a condition called "hypersexuality." These conditions not only prevented Bezerra from working efficiently, but they drove her to masturbate up to 47 times a day. After realizing she had a problem, Bezerra sought professional help and took her case to court. 

Granted, masturbating more than 40 times at work (while watching porn) would be a little time-consuming, so Bezerra's taking a concotion of medications to have reduced her self-pleasuring sessions to 18 times a day. 

Naturally, experts interviewed by AOL are curious about Bezerra's condition. Psychotherapist Julie Elledge says that since "hypersexuality" isn't listed as an accepted diagnoses in the Diagnostic Statistical Menu, Bezerra might actually suffer from a combination of bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder. "When sex addiction is the diagnosis, it's usually not because of the sex, but the behaviors surrounding it," says Elledge. 

Now, before you run off to your boss claiming the same disorder, keep in mind what the process could entail. Sexologist Carol Queen, from the Good Vibrations sex toy shop, points out that while it's interesting how the story came out during National Masturbation Month, Bezerra's request probably wouldn't fly in the United States. Lawyer Suzy Moore, a specialist in workplace law, agrees, noting that a request like Bezerra's could compromise other employees' privacy rights. Additionally, the risk for sexual harassment could complicate her efforts to relax and work efficiently.

Unless you suffer from an anomaly similar to Bezerra's, pushing for the same measures is probably more trouble than it's worth. Want to go downtown on the alone train, but can't wait till after 5 pm? Quit your day job and try working from home.