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Are You Feeling Appreciated In Your Relationship?

After 25 years of marriage, Maria Shriver separates from California's ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger leaving their Los Angeles manson. According to TMZ's website it sited one reason for the couples split was because the former First Lady felt unappreciated in their relationship. A New York Post article "Stray At Home" stated, the day after Mother's Day is the second largest day for women to get involved in infidelity types of relationship besides Valentine's Day. The article claims many women cheat because they are not recognized by their mate during special holidays.

Relationship Educator and author Roland Hinds says, "Going back to the basic is an essential part of any relationship where communication and commitment is concern. It is the rebuilding process that requires major work."

There are ways couples can reconstruct a healthy relationship and not allow their partner's to feel undervalued. Here are three easy tips that can help your partner from feeling a lack of appreciation:

1. Maintaining Date Night - Connection is key, so establishing frequent personal time is pertinent to a relationship. This may include simple things like walking in the park, attending an occasional play, or having lunch on the beach with your partner.

2. Saying, I Love You - Reassure your partner you are still committed to the relationship by expressing your feelings of emotions. Your mate cannot read your mind to know how you feel. Despite everything that may be going on your world, take a moment to conveying your special thoughts are really important. Just by saying three words like, "I love you" could take your relationship an extra mile.

3. Thank you - Although the words get smaller, the impact in saying them are still powerful. Telling your mate how much you appreciate him or her for standing by you throughout your life's journey is crucial. Thank your partner for making life easier for you. Do not overlook what most would consider little things in life like making dinner or maintaining a household. It is work that your are not doing.

Hinds further states, "Utilizing his model the 4 C's of a Relationship (Communication, Consistency, Commitment, and Compromise) is an ideal place to start before the relationship plunders. If necessary, be proactive about seeking out counseling instead of allowing your relationship to go into crisis."



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