How To Achieve Multiple Orgasms EVERY Time By Just Using Your Mind

The truth about female orgasm and multiple climaxes - surrender, allow, feel and experience bliss.

How to Achieve the Big ‘O’ - Again and Again...

When it comes to getting ‘turned-on’, men are mostly driven by visual and physical stimulation. For women, sex is much more of a mental and emotional experience. Stress is the most common obstruction in being able to feel optimum sexual pleasure. If your mind is full of distracting thoughts or if you’re upset about something, you may be unable to wholly experience all of the magnificent sensations our bodies our capable of. It’s imperative to decrease stress, tension and disturbance before embarking on a sexual journey with or without a partner.


Most women enjoy a combination of mental, emotional and physical stimulation to get them going. Although there are numerous erogenous zones, the clitoris is the main point of interest that evokes the most pleasure when stimulated. The clitoris is a complex network with over 8,000 nerve fibers concentrated in one tiny little bump! There are more pleasure-producing sensory receptors in the clitoris than any other part of the female body. There is a highly charged energy surge as the clitoral nerves interact with the 15,000 nerve fibers that service the entire pelvic area. It is truly an epicenter of explosive ecstatic potential possessing the power of generating more incomprehensible pleasure than you can handle!


Orgasm is truly all in your mind, however you need to get out of the mind altogether and just allow yourself to be fully present with the physical sensations without distractions. It is, in a sense, a meditation to practice and ultimately master. In fact, it is possible to bring yourself to a powerful orgasm while sitting absolutely still - no movement, stimulation or friction whatsoever. Many women have testified to having the ability to do this! It is a matter of having focused intention, good muscle control and rhythmic deep breathing.

In the same way that a complete understanding of electricity is not necessary in order to flip the switch and receive its benefit (light, music, etc.), you do not need to understand the complex inner workings of your physical body, you only need to understand the simple process by which you allow your cells and nerve endings to generate certain physical sensations. Basically you need to find which buttons do what. As you find and practice resonance with the vibrational source within you, communication between the cells of your body flourishes, as does your entire physical body. And it all begins with the simple focus on your breathing to “flip the switch” of absolute physical well-being and infinite pleasure.

All women have the innate capacity to experience intense, mind-blowing orgasms (even multiple orgasms). Men are also able to orgasm multiple times with or without ejaculating. However most have trouble controlling the release. Women have an easier time managing their orgasms, as we can better regulate our vaginal contraction and release muscles. Women can experience several successive orgasms during a session of focused stimulation. After the first, subsequent climaxes may be more powerful and pleasurable as the stimulation intensifies. Some women also enjoy continuous waves of orgasmic pleasure throughout the entire sexual experience for as long as they choose to carry on.

By focusing your mind’s attention to this specific area, the easiest way to reach orgasm is to apply rhythmic pressure to the clitoris and surrounding area. The methods and process may be different for each woman, so it’s important to experiment with what works best for you and clearly communicate that with your lover. Oral sex can be an excellent method for multiple orgasms, provided your partner knows what he (or she) is doing. Generally, using a combination of tongue and fingers can provide an intense blended orgasm as the clitoris and the G-spot are simultaneously stimulated. Another effective technique is for your partner to rub the tip or the shaft of his penis over the clitoral area either from side to side, or gently thrust between the folds of the labia. Sometimes it’s easier to take control by being on top and regulating the pace and pressure to achieve orgasm. Or use your own fingers to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse.


You certainly know best what feels the most pleasurable and it’s up to you to be directive in your sexual experience. To enhance sensitivity, try [G] Stimulation Gel, which is all-natural containing Evening Primrose Oil – to increase blood flow to the clitoris, and also menthol, providing a warming, tingling, stimulating sensation. There is no such thing as having too much fun or experiencing too much pleasure. By allowing yourself to indulge in extreme ecstasy, it will greatly reduce the stress in your life, support a healthier mind and body, and will nourish your relationship tremendously.

Guided Meditation Preview

As a hypnotherapist, I’ve worked with numerous women and couples to help decrease tension and tap into our innate desire for peace and harmony in our bodies and in our relationships. When we feel more calm and peaceful, we can diminish the drama and ego-driven anxieties that can greatly burden our emotional and physical well-being.

This meditation is intended to help you relax, reduce stress and optimize physical sensation around achieving more pleasure in our sexuality and orgasm experience. Initially, listen to this simple guided meditation while you’re alone in a quiet peaceful place. Once you’ve experienced the physical techniques and sensations, as well as having practiced quieting the mind, then you can do it anywhere and at anytime.


In the article above, it is mentioned that a woman can bring to a powerful orgasm in her mind, while sitting absolutely still - no movement, stimulation or friction whatsoever. The best way to understand how a woman can ‘think herself to orgasm’, is how stage hypnotists can give women instant orgasms with the power of suggestion. Mark Cunningham, a well-known hypnotist says, “The key is, there is a part inside a woman’s mind that is capable of infinite positive pleasurable response. It is always active, so you aren’t actually going into her mind and making her have an orgasm. You are unlocking, unleashing and directing that which already exists. But you have to know how to access the subconscious mind.” Hypnosis is the fastest way to access the subconscious mind.

This stress-reducing self-hypnosis method will reveal how the concept of a “mindgasm” is possible. The overall breathing meditation is beneficial to perform several times a day, whenever you have a few minutes to spare. It can be done while sitting at your work desk, waiting at a traffic light, in the restroom, or anywhere at all that you can dedicate some time to just be still and relax with this deep breathing technique. Here is a quided mediation that can help you learn how to do this.

CLICK HERE to go to my website, and at the end of the posted article there is an MP3 to listen to my voice leading you through a guided journey on your way to pure, positive, ecstatic bliss and self-imposed pleasure through meditation.